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HYDRO Direct Liquid Cooling System

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  • Product Code: HYDRO Direct Liquid Cooling System
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For the past few years the industry could not deliver cost-effective, reliable and flexible direct liquid cooling systems. This is why DCX introduces to market a new architecture of DCX Hydro Coolant Distribution Units (CDU’s) dedicated for high performance computing, enterprise and collocation datacenters and also power hungry crypto mining facilities. We offer the most comprehensive portfolio of CDU systems with complete flexibility for data center operators – from 100kW in-rack CDU 1 & 2 models, to scale out In-Row systems: CDU 3, 6, 9 models which can effectively cool from 10 to 30 IT racks per CDU, and CDU 12, a 1.2MW heat transfer capable system can support up to 40 standard IT racks. Broad portfolio of CDU’s is complemented with open DCX Processor and GPU Cooling Modules, Liquid Distribution Manifolds and Technical Cooling Systems (TCS) as well Facility Cooling Systems (FCS). In opposite to highly customized – “boutique” solutions, with DCX cold plates administrators can link DLC modules with our proprietary tubing and create the loop for every server and platform worldwide – without being forced to order a custom solution for each device.

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